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Whether you are a home-owner or a contractor we keep decorative concrete products that you need to complete the job in stock, and are willing to help educate in the decision making process before any ground has been broken on a project.



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If you’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee and are hoping to make your property as beautiful as the surrounding Scenic City, we have what you need for your decorative concrete project. From creating durable, attractive concrete tables and benches to resurfacing and staining concrete patios, walkways, and interior floors to vertical concrete overlay for walls, edging, and dividers, we have the supplies and expertise you need to bring make your decorative concrete dream a reality.

Would you like to see some proof of our quality? We're happy to share! Our work on stamped concrete floors and stained concrete floors is a constant source of pride to all of us at Power Rental & Sales. We also consider ourselves experts in concrete countertop solutions. Brands our employees are knowledgable in include:

  • Allen Engineering Corporation - concrete tools and equipment for the site-prep, placing and paving.
  • Butterfield Color - advancing the art of decorative concrete finishes with each of its product lines.
  • Franmar - effective, economical, and safe cleaning solutions created from soybeans and natural elements.
  • Husqvarna - concrete equipment, saws, and power cutters that are robust and reliable.
  • Kemiko - offers a complete line of concrete floor coatings and industrial coatings.
  • Kraft Tool Co. - quality "hand krafted" concrete finishing tools for the construction trades.
  • Marshalltown - concrete, masonry, and asphalt applications to drywall, plastering, and wall covering.
  • Pulse-Bac - industrial vacuum cleaners and dust collection equipment.
  • SureCrete - over 1,400 different decorative concrete products for the concrete industry.
  • Surface Koatings, Inc. - product categories include epoxies, polyurethanes, water repellents, and more.

With 15 years experience in Nashville and two in Huntsville, we’re excited to have been serving Chattanooga since May of 2015. Not only can we help you figure out what products will work best for your project, we can offer advice about how best to use them and how to approach each step of the process to achieve the best possible result.


What is Power Rental & Sales known for?
If you can sculpt it from concrete, chances are we’ve made it. Our list of past projects includes concrete countertop solutions, indoor/outdoor concrete flooring, concrete patios and even overlay supplies for vertical concrete configurations.

Where’s the best place to buy decorative concrete supplies in Chattanooga, TN?
Our Chattanooga, TN store has concrete tools, equipment, supplies and more in stock for whatever decorative concrete design you are looking to create.

Can Power Rental & Sales just ship the decorative concrete products and tools to me so I don’t have to drive out and get them?
We’d be happy to! Call our store at 423.760.4810, and we’ll set up a delivery for you.

What concrete tools does Power Rental & Sales provide to customers?
The tools we supply include concrete brooms, brooms, edgers, concrete stamps, trowels, saws, sprayers, grinders and more!

Where can I buy the tools necessary to create stamped concrete?
All Power Rental & Sales have stamped concrete supplies available for customers’ concrete projects.

Do you supply Butterfield concrete stamps, is it one of your carried brands?
The concrete stamps we have in stock at Power Rental & Sales are manufactured by Butterfield Color. They come in many patterns and colors to perfectly suit your concrete design.

Do I need to go to a separate location for colored concrete in Chattanooga, TN?
Not at all, our Power Rental & Sales location can help with not just the classic grey concrete, but also acid stain concrete, stamped concrete or colored concrete. We do it all!

Are decorative concrete stamps and supplies just for purchase, or can I rent those too?
Our rentals include many concrete stamp patterns. If you decide after renting that you’d like to purchase, that is always a possibility.

Are concrete countertop solutions a possibility at Power Rental & Sales?
With our stock we can design concrete countertop solutions that fit your specific space perfectly.

Do you have the tools for a concrete patio, or just for indoor DIY concrete projects?
Our concrete equipment can be used indoors or outdoors. We have whatever you need for any concrete design.

I’m looking to do some concrete refurbishment, can you help?
Your concrete project doesn’t have to be from-scratch concrete. We have years of renovation experience with concrete too.

Where can I find Power Rental & Sales in Chattanooga?
Come visit us at 4060 South Access Road Chattanooga, TN 37406.


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