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Whether you are a home-owner or a contractor, our decorative concrete locations have everything you need from acid stain, concrete sealers and overlays to concrete trowels, saws and grinders. We serve the Huntsville, AL, Chattanooga and Nashville TN areas.


Concrete Tools and Equipment for Site-Prep, Placing, Finishing, and Paving in Huntsville, Chattanooga, & Nashville

Concrete Equipment RentalsThe AEC concrete tools and equipment line represents a complete system for the site-prep, placing, finishing, and paving of all types of concrete. Each piece of Allen Equipment is design and built to be "contractor tough." Furthermore, Allen Equipment is specifically designed to help improve concrete floor flatness, measured by F-Numbers, and improve daily production speed and quality.

Allen Engineering Corporation (AEC)

Allen Engineering Corporation brings three core competencies to the table– product innovation, machine reliability, and outstanding customer service. These core strengths have carried the company forward as a leading brand providing the concrete industry with new and exciting concrete equipment and solutions since their inception in 1964. With more than 110 patents and trademarks, Allen manufactures the best equipment to help ensure the success of your concrete projects. Pacing with the concrete industry is one way Allen meets the ever-evolving needs of their customers, thus they have developed a total system of equipment with the help of concrete contractors and professionals to meet the difficult “F” Number requirements for floor flatness and levelness in today’s concrete flooring projects. An innovator and leading manufacturer in the concrete industry, Allen is notorious world-wide for their premier, top-quality line of concrete placing, finishing and paving equipment, all of which you can find at Power Rental & Sales.

Allen Placing Equipment

Allen Engineering Corporation provides equipment for concrete placing projects including power buggies, concrete vibrators, truss screeds, truss screeds accessories, Magic Screed®, roller tube finishers and more. Power Buggies– Allen’s sixteen cubic foot AW16 and the twenty-one cubic foot AW21 have earned their place as the golden standards for power buggy performance. They feature standard, high-strength, high-density polyethylene buckets, the thickest, most durable the industry has to offer. They also boast features like heavy-duty hydraulic wheel motors, steel raceways for hydraulic hose protection, and optional foam-filled tires– all of which render them ready to get the job done even in the toughest of conditions. They even have a propane-powered buggy for use indoors where air quality is of concern. Concrete Vibrators– The ultimate in hand-held vibrators, the Allen lineup is powerful, compact, and efficient for concrete consolidation. Truss Screeds– When it comes to levelness, rigidity, and durability, Allen’s truss screeds have set the standard for more than 40 years. The Allen® Razorback® Truss Screed is the preferred choice for many contractors in applications where high tolerance FL Numbers are specified in concrete flooring and pavement projects. Roller Tube Finishers– Allen offers both engine driven roller tube finishers and hydraulic roller tube finishers to meet all manner of needs. Both options are fast, accurate, and portable for ease of use.

Allen Finishing Tools

When it comes to your concrete projects, Allen has all the finishing tools you could need. From hand tools to sprayers and saws, their tools will help ensure the job is done with precision and efficiency. Their walk-behind trowels and riding trowels are powerful and designed to meet even the most demanding needs of concrete contractors today. Also look to Allen for pans and blades, power sprayers, and hand tools needed to complete your project effectively.

Allen Polishing Tools

Allen also manufactures polishing riders designed to achieve high rotor speeds to create high torque during polishing. These polishing riders also come equipped with special dolly jacks to help ensure indoor projects can be completed with ease, while also allowing for the quick and easy changing of polishing pads when necessary.

Allen Paving Tools

Allen pavers are designed to tackle jobs large or small quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Their work bridges can be customized for any application, and are ideal for joint work, applying curing compounds, bull-floating, texturizing, and more. Their bridge deck finishers are the top choice for contractors for high-volume bridge and pavement pours, with three models and lots of accessories available. Their triple roller tube pavers are designed for large paving projects that need to be completed quickly and accurately, and are easy to operate with precision controls. Find all your Allen Engineering Corporation tools for your concrete work at Power Rental & Sales! We’ve got everything you need.


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