decorative cement suppliesThe year of 2017, SureCrete Design manufactures and developed over 1,400 different Decorative concrete products for the concrete industry. Why decorative concrete from SureCrete? Their products decorative concrete work together to complete systems for applications on concrete floors, walls, countertops, precast concrete, ceilings, concrete products block overlays and architectural elements. SureCrete takes great pride in offering the latest cement technology, combined with constant quality control.

The SureCrete Difference

Headquartered in central Florida, SureCrete manufactures and ships their fine products all across the globe. Their 120,000+ square-foot facility plays host to chemists, research and development specialists, as well as product testing and blending efforts. Because 99% of all SureCrete products are manufactured at the headquarters, batch-to-batch quality control is at its highest– making this brand a more reliable choice than competing product brands.

SureCrete Product Offerings

SureCrete is the purveyor of globally known technologies such as Eco-Stain, self-bonding concrete overlays, D-FRC, HS Sealers, Xtreme Series, DK High-Performance Coatings, and the fade resistant ColorTec coating system and sealers. Regardless of what your concrete project entails, SureCrete has the products to bolster your team’s craftsmanship. When it comes to decorative concrete products and coatings, SureCrete is top of the line. From concrete stains to 3D epoxy metallic flooring systems to concrete countertops and beyond, this is a line of products you can trust for all your projects big and small. Look to them for your preparation materials, overlays, colorants, clear sealers, casting products, and more.

SureCrete’s Commitment to Sustainability

SureCrete is invested in patents that allow the brand to deliver environmentally safe products while they leave the smallest possible footprint. Through research and product development, their team has addressed solutions for simplicity of mixing, ease of installation, and durability of the concrete surfaces finished without compromising aesthetics or design. They also understand the need for consumers to be able to find their quality products locally. As such, SureCrete has worked to partner with more business locations, such as Power Rental & Sales, to make their products accessible for contractors, construction professionals, and DIYers alike. SureCrete offers products for various applications from concrete sealers to concrete casting products to concrete tools and accessories. Products include:
  • SureCrete DK500 Thick Build Epoxy
  • SureCrete DK120 Polyaspartic Coating
  • SureCrete CS250LV Concrete Cure and Seal
  • SureCrete concrete hopper guns & solvent sprayers
  • Concrete stamping mats & texture skin
  • Concrete stencils
  • Concrete solvents
  • Concrete mixing blades
  • And more!