decorative-concrete-chattanooga_post_lgPeople often associate concrete with patios and other outdoors spaces, but it’s quickly becoming a hot trend nationwide for indoor spaces, too. If you’re imagining the plain grey floors from your local big box store, though, think again. Acid-staining concrete can give concrete floors beautiful tones and finishes that coordinate with any decor scheme.

Acid stain brings out the detail and texture in concrete much like staining hardwood does for traditional flooring and trim. Acid-stained concrete has become a popular choice for residential floors or even kitchen countertops, giving a look and feel you might ordinarily get only by installing expensive stone like quartz, granite, or marble. You can even select different colors of acid stain to achieve complex inlay looks and unique designs.

Far from being limited to more contemporary looks, acid stained concrete can contribute to a wonderful antique feel in your home, if you so choose, with a beautiful translucence and warmth that can’t be achieved even with more expensive finishes. That’s great news for anyone who has torn up worn-out carpet to find a concrete slab underneath and was unsure how to work with what they have.

Acid stain is simple to apply. It forms a chemical bond with concrete, so it’s more permanent than paint, attaching itself to the top layer of the concrete at a molecular level. You can’t clean it off, making home maintenance a snap. Its simple to apply with spray equipment in a step by step process.

We can advise you on everything from color selection to what type of sealant would work best to protect your finish and keep it looking its best for years to come. For example, despite the glossy look you can achieve with acid stain, there are concrete sealer additives like Butterfield Color Shark Grip that will give extra grip to the floor, which could come in handy in spaces like pool decks.

Our first customers at our Chattanooga location, Tracy and Stacy Wallin, sent us photos of their beautiful closed in garage that they treated with a gorgeous acid stain. They used Kemiko’s Black and Cola Acid Stain with Clemons Concrete Coatings Supreme 25 as their sealer. See for yourself how beautiful acid stained concrete can be!