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Whether you are a home-owner or a contractor we keep decorative concrete products that you need to complete the job in stock, and are willing to help educate in the decision making process before any ground has been broken on a project.



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Music City knows a thing or two about the value of hard work when it comes to making something beautiful. You may be laying down concrete rather than country tracks, but we have the equipment and know how you need to bring your vision to life and have served the Nashville community for 15 years. We have what you need to create stamped concrete, colored concrete, acid stain concrete masterpieces indoors and out, and decorative concrete in Nashville, Tennessee.

Would you like to see some proof of our quality? We're happy to share! Our work on stamped concrete floors and stained concrete floors is a constant source of pride to all of us at Power Rental & Sales. We also consider ourselves experts in concrete countertop solutions. Brands our employees are knowledgable in include:

  • Allen Engineering Corporation - concrete tools and equipment for the site-prep, placing and paving.
  • Butterfield Color - advancing the art of decorative concrete finishes with each of its product lines.
  • Franmar - effective, economical, and safe cleaning solutions created from soybeans and natural elements.
  • Husqvarna - concrete equipment, saws, and power cutters that are robust and reliable.
  • Kemiko - offers a complete line of concrete floor coatings and industrial coatings.
  • Kraft Tool Co. - quality "hand krafted" concrete finishing tools for the construction trades.
  • Marshalltown - concrete, masonry, and asphalt applications to drywall, plastering, and wall covering.
  • Pulse-Bac - industrial vacuum cleaners and dust collection equipment.
  • SureCrete - over 1,400 different decorative concrete products for the concrete industry.
  • Surface Koatings, Inc. - product categories include epoxies, polyurethanes, water repellents, and more.

Whether you’re restoring and resurfacing an existing concrete surface or starting from scratch on molded concrete, vertical overlays, or simply restraining and refinishing an existing surface we can advise on what tools and products you’ll need for your decorative concrete project to stand the test of time, just like beautiful Nashville, Tennessee.


What locations offer colored concretes in Nashville, TN?
Whatever color of concrete you’re looking for, whatever pattern of concrete you desire, we can help you find it at Power Rental & Sales.

Will Power Rental & Sales ship decorative concrete products and tools, or do you have to pick them up in person?
Call our store at 615.837.1450 we can ship your purchase directly to you. Or you can pick them up in-person, whatever you prefer.

Where in Nashville, TN can I find decorative concrete products for interior and exterior projects?
Power Rental & Sales in Nashville, TN has equipment, tools, and any other concrete products you could need.

What concrete tools does Power Rental & Sales supply?
Our inventory includes concrete stamps, trowels, concrete brooms, edgers, sprayers, saws and grinders.

Where can I find the concrete refurbishment tools I need?
We help Nashville with not just from-scratch concrete work, but concrete renovations too!

I’m trying to “do it yourself” an entire concrete patio. Can you provide what I need for my DIY concrete project?
Apart from the furniture, we have all the supplies and tools you’ll need.

What is Power Rental & Sales’ specialty?
We don’t just offer you the concrete products for your project, we also share our knowledge to help take your plans from start to finish.

I’m working on concrete countertop solutions, can you help?
We have years of experience in concrete countertop solutions and look forward to helping you with yours!

Are Butterfield concrete stamps available at your store?
The concrete stamps we sell are made by Butterfield Color. We have more than 30 different designs and textures available.

Can I just rent the concrete stamps? I’m not looking to buy.
If you prefer to just rent, we can absolutely assist with your concrete stamp rental. That’s where the “rental” part of Power Rental & Sales comes in handy!

Where in Nashville is your store?
The Nashville Power Rental & Sales location is at 3653A Trousdale Drive Nashville, TN 37204.


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