Frequently Asked Questions

Any recommendations for mixing the color pack for decorative concrete? You should mix the color pack into the indicated amount of water for your mix before adding the concrete overlay material in order to thoroughly mix the color. Is there a way to mix the color into the concrete prior to it being poured? Integral Color can be added to a concrete truck and mixed to give color throughout the concrete for your next Chattanooga, Nashville, or Huntsville project. Is Integral Concrete Color a liquid or powder? This type of color is available in a liquid integral and powder form. What is Perma-tique? It is a powder that is combined with water and sprayed through a pump sprayer or brushed onto the stamped concrete surface. Misting water onto the concrete surface aids in the application of liquid antiquing and allows it to flow off higher portions of the stamp pattern and into crevices and low textures. Why are different colors different prices? Integral color can vary in price depending on how light or dark the color is. If the color is dark, it may require more integral color to create that specific color choice and can increase the cost. What exactly is concrete coloring? This is a process done for new concrete or concrete overlays that allows you to choose a specific color that serves as your base color throughout your concrete mix or on top of the entire surface. How can I add a secondary color to stamped concrete? Antique Release and Liquid Antiquing are used as accent colors to highlight textures and grout lines found in various stamped concrete patterns. What concrete surfaces can be colored? This product can be used for slick, broomed concrete, or stamped concrete surfaces.