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Nashville Decorative Concrete

Nashville Decorative Concrete
Gone are the days when a concrete patio was simply grey with a rough texture, looking like your basic city sidewalk. Now with Nashville decorative concrete stamps and mixable colors, you can create amazing effects that mimic the look of more expensive tile or stone. You can even tint concrete while it’s wet to create a variety of shades, whether you want a uniform look or to mimic the variety of shades and variegations found in natural materials like sandstone, granite, and flagstone.
See for yourself with this amazing patio Ryan from Patriot Builders of Nashville, Tennessee completed using Butterfield Color Heavy Stone seamless texture stamps. Ryan used Harvest Wheat as the base color and Walnut antiquing on this project. This color combination is fantastic and one of our most popular! However, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorative concrete.
We can advise what stamp pattern would work best in your space, whether it’s a pool deck, back patio, driveway, front walk, or other space. With so many looks to choose from, including brick or cobblestone, you’ll want to select a stamp that has the right scale for the size of your pour area and that the lines of the stamp will complement the shape of your finished surface. We can also help you choose colors of concrete, release agent, and sealant to create your desired effect. There are amazing combinations you can develop for any style, from historically appropriate to eclectic and modern.
Preparation is what’s important when it comes to stamping concrete. The trickiest part is laying down the stamps into fresh concrete and getting the placement and timing right as the concrete dries. However, we can get you set up for success by discussing the process with you while you pick up all the tools you need, from edgers and hand floats to groovers to color packs, color hardeners, antique releases, liquid antiquing, and more.
To learn more about how you can create a similarly stunning space with Nashville decorative concrete, call us at 615.837.1450!

Nashville Decorative Concrete FAQs

  • What is stamped concrete? Stamped concrete is a decorative technique used to create the appearance of various materials like tile or stone on a concrete surface. It involves using specialized stamps to imprint patterns, textures, and colors onto the wet concrete.
  • Can I choose different shades and colors for my stamped concrete patio? Yes, you can tint concrete while it’s wet to create a variety of shades. Whether you want a uniform look or the diverse tones found in natural materials, you have the flexibility to select the colors that suit your desired effect.
  • What pattern would work best for my Nashville decorative concrete? Choosing the right stamp pattern depends on the specific area you’re working on, such as a pool deck, back patio, driveway, or front walk. You’ll want to consider the scale of the stamp pattern in relation to the size of the area and ensure the lines of the stamp complement the shape of the finished surface.
  • Can I create a brick or cobblestone appearance? Absolutely! Stamped concrete offers a wide range of looks, including brick or cobblestone patterns. You can achieve the desired effect by selecting the appropriate stamp pattern, colors of concrete, release agent, and sealant.
  • What tools do I need for a stamped concrete project? To achieve the desired results, you’ll need various tools such as edgers, hand floats, groovers, color packs, color hardeners, antique releases, liquid antiquing, and more. These tools help with the application and finishing of the stamped concrete.
  • Can you provide guidance on the stamping process and material selection? Yes, our Power Rental and Sales professionals can offer valuable advice on the stamping process, including techniques, timing, and material selection. They can assist you in choosing the right stamp pattern, colors, release agents, and sealants to achieve your desired effect.

How to Stain Concrete

If you learn how to stain concrete, or work with a contractor on your project, you can really transform plain concrete into incredible spaces both indoor and outdoor. Decorative concrete projects can add a tremendous amount of aesthetic appeal to outdoor and indoor spaces. Learning how to stain concrete will be simple if you’re already a contractor and have experience working with it. When you stain concrete, you can breathe new life into it. Concrete can be stained whether it’s old or new, and the process for staining will depend on the products chosen, the location (indoors or outdoors), and the desired effect. Generally speaking, there are four critical steps in the process of staining concrete, and they are as follows:
  1. Prepare the surface
  2. Apply the concrete stain
  3. Clean up, and neutralize acid stains
  4. Seal the concrete surface properly
If you’re a DIY home or business owner trying out a new project, research and follow the instructions on the chosen products. Otherwise, you may not be pleased with your results.

Exterior Concrete Stain

If you have exterior concrete at your home or business that you want to transform or update, staining is a quick and affordable option. Adding a stain color to your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, or pool deck can instantly lift a dull grey into a rich, beautiful color teeming with personality. Acid-based concrete stains are typically more durable and better suited for exterior concrete projects than water-based stain options. That said, you can use water-based stains if you are open to frequently re-sealing the concrete.

Interior Concrete Stain

There are many benefits to having beautiful concrete floors inside your home or business, one being the durability of this material. When choosing stain products for these interior concrete projects, consider the amount of foot traffic the area sees and what type of effect you desire for the space. Water-based stains boast more accessible application and cleanup, but acid-based concrete stains are generally more durable. Be sure to factor in these elements when selecting products for your project. When it comes to how to stain concrete, we have a few tips for our Chattanooga, Nashville, and Huntsville Power Sales & Rental customers!

How to Stain Concrete in a Slew of Colors

You can choose any color or hue under the sun when it comes to concrete stain colors. Acid-based stain products generally offer more variegated earth tones, and water-based stains provide a vast range of tones from black to white to orange and everything in between. You can even consider blending colors to create a more custom shade for your space. For more intricate designs, you can also add interest to your concrete project with concrete stamps, saw-cut patterns, and stencils. We have a few tips for concrete staining projects you may want to consider before jumping right in!
  1. Ensure the concrete is cured fully before you apply any stain products.
  2. You can use acid- and water-based stains within the same project. Just be sure you understand how each works.
  3. Concrete can be re-stained if it hasn’t yet been sealed or the sealer has been removed.
  4. Test your stain color in a discrete area before staining the entire surface to ensure the desired effect.
  5. Always be sure to seal the concrete after staining to preserve your work
If you need products, tools, or any supplies for your upcoming decorative concrete project, our Power Rental & Sales team is here to help. Our team is versed in all things concrete, and we want to be a resource for you through our Chattanooga, Nashville, and Huntsville store locations.

Concrete Countertops for Any Kitchen

A kitchen featuring concrete countertops.Perfect for modern, traditional, industrial, or rustic kitchens.

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials in the world today. Once just seen as utilitarian, concrete was only used for outdoor construction and unseen foundations, but now concrete is recognized and respected for its beauty and versatility. One of the most common places the design potential of concrete is utilized is in concrete countertops.

With concrete countertops, your creativity can flow.

The reason so many creatives are pursuing concrete countertops recently is due to how customizable they are. Edge profiles can be designed as well as embeds and polishes. You don’t have to stick with the standard gray concrete, you could imitate marble, granite, and beyond! You can also cast kitchen conveniences into the concrete countertops themselves, such as built in cutting boards, trivets, or drainboards. If your kitchen’s a canvas, concrete can be your paint!

What makes concrete unique?

Concrete’s uniquely flexible design style sets the material apart from other countertop options, and it has similar maintenance and durability traits as other natural stone materials. It wasn’t until the 1980s that we started enjoying concrete countertops in our kitchens. Two gentlemen named Buddy Rhodes and Fu-Tung Cheng saw concrete as an artistic design element and noticed that concrete could be cast and molded like clay, making it more customizable than standard stones.

Concrete’s flexibility led to the rise of concrete countertops.

Flexibility might not be what you think of with concrete, but concrete countertops are proof of the substance’s versatility. People want to customize their space and make an interior design that best represents them. Concrete’s ability to be cast into different forms means homeowners’ countertops are only limited by their imagination. Concrete countertops can be customized from the shape to the thickness to even the color.

Let Power Rental & Sales help you with your concrete countertops.

Concrete can blend into stone, wood, and plaster environments, but the blending of the concrete itself can be difficult by yourself. That’s where we come in! You can trust PRS staff to explain the necessary equipment for sculpting your dream kitchen’s concrete countertops. Despite its cold, utilitarian notoriety, concrete’s modern minimalism can warm the room when brought into the context of your kitchen’s design. Learn more about concrete equipment by starting off with our prepping rentals here.

5 Outdoor Decorative Concrete Projects Chattanooga for Spring

decorative concrete projects ChattanoogaSpring is in the air, and everyone is itching to spend time outdoors. Maybe you’re planning a little spring cleaning or even some home renovation efforts to improve your space just in time for the upcoming season. If you’re looking to enhance your property out of doors, we’ve got several ideas to inspire you. Check out these six outdoor decorative concrete projects Chattanooga for spring, and get everything you need to complete them to plan at Power Rental & Sales.

1– Patio Project

Maybe you have an old patio that needs a facelift or you’re looking to add a new patio space to your outdoor living area. Either way, there are lots of ways to make your patio both unique and functional with decorative concrete. From stained concrete to stamped concrete options, you can get really creative with the layout, look, and feel of your patio project. Decorative concrete is a great option as it’s both cost effective and versatile. Add value and aesthetic appeal to your home with a patio project this spring.

2– Decorative Concrete Stepping Stones

Create a beautiful and unique path from your home to your patio or through the yard to your pool! This is such an open-ended project with endless possibilities. Build a pathway anywhere on your property with beautifully molded or stamped concrete stepping stones that will add style and function to your yard. Get creative with it, and make your yard an oasis that’s custom crafted to your personal style preferences with the help of versatile concrete. Try these outdoor decorative concrete projects Chattanooga

3– Decorative Concrete Planters

Every plant enthusiast knows that concrete planters can be very pricey, but who’s to say you can’t DIY them? You absolutely can. Create your own DIY decorative concrete planters for your yard that vary in size, shape, and style. Create small accents or large pieces that serve as focal points for your favorite yard plants.

4– Concrete Fire Pit

Another great decorative concrete project is a custom fire pit. You’ll love the ambiance created within your outdoor space when you add a functional and attractive custom concrete fire pit to gather around with family and friends. Add value to your home, and extend the use of your yard or patio further into the year with an addition like this, and get creative with its custom concrete construction.

5– Decorative Concrete Furniture

Decorative concrete is a great option for outdoor furniture. It’s weather resistant, durable, and cost effective, plus you can get creative with custom pieces that suit your needs and personal style. Tables, chairs, benches, and more– you can create your own patio set with unique style and incredible function. Your guests will ask where you got it, and you can tell them you made it yourself! Find all the supplies and tools you need for your decorative concrete projects this spring season at Power Rental & Sales. We’ve got tools, equipment, stains, and more ready to make your DIY projects a success!

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring can help create a beautifully contemporary space. Put away the floor wax, cause with polished concrete flooring material you’ll never have to wax your floors again. This flooring type comes in an almost limitless slew of design options with many other benefits as well. With the right knowledge and equipment, you can transform your flooring with polished concrete options that will both elevate and simplify your space.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  1. Superior durability and performance
  2. Smooth, high-shine finish
  3. Cost effective
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Not as vulnerable to damage as other flooring types
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Available in a wide variety of designs and colors

Cost of Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is a cost-effective option, though cost will vary depending on factors like your design choices as well as the state of your current flooring. That said you can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $12 per square foot. Sometimes pricing for residential projects can be slightly higher because of the need for smaller equipment suitable for tighter spaces.


The beautiful shine of polished concrete floors does require a bit of upkeep, but fortunately less maintenance than a lot of alternative flooring types. Polished concrete is extremely durable throughout its life. Routine maintenance consists of simply keeping the flooring free from dust and debris which can potentially degrade the surface over time. Dust and damp mopping is all you need to keep your polished concrete floors looking their best for years to come.

Dress It Up

You can also enhance the look of your polished concrete flooring with the use of concrete dyes. This type of flooring dye comes in a broad range of colors, more so than acid stains, and unlike those stains, these dyes are not chemically reactive with concrete materials– which means the results yielded are more predictable in appearance. Polished concrete flooring looks great and functions well in residential and commercial applications.

Applications for Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are great for both commercial and residential applications. Some spaces this flooring type works particularly well in include:
  • Automobile showrooms
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Large warehouses
  • Warehouse outlet buildings
  • And private residences
If you are considering a polished concrete flooring project, get in touch with our expert team at Power Rental & Sales. We have all the supplies, dyes, tools, and equipment you could need to get your project up and running. Visit one of our locations in Chattanooga, Nashville, or Huntsville today. We can also ship! Cheers to your next decorative concrete project.