There are many reasons why grey concrete stained floors are sought after for residential and commercial properties. First, the grey color is neutral and goes with any decor. Second, grey concrete stained floors are easy to care for and require little maintenance. Third, they create a luxurious look that makes a property feel more upscale. Lastly, grey concrete stained floors add value and can make the property more desirable to potential buyers. For all these reasons, grey concrete stained floors are a great choice for any building. grey concrete stained floors

Why create grey concrete stained floors?

Concrete is a strong, useful material.. but isn’t particularly attractive in and of itself. That’s why concrete stain is such an excellent alternative for people who are tired of the same old concrete. Simply said, concrete stains like the varieties we provide are liquids used to make your concrete floor more beautiful. Concrete stain, like wood stain, is used to give color or an organic effect to plain cement floors.

How are grey concrete stained floors prepped?

Concrete staining is a simple job that just takes some time and patience. Before you stain your concrete, it must be squeaky clean. It’s a good idea to use a specialized cleaner on your concrete, like Franmar’s products, to ensure that all of the filth and grease is gone. Remove all of your items from the area, including furniture, tools, cars, or whatever else is currently situated on the concrete. Then give your flooring a thorough sweep. Once you have swept away the majority of the dirt, mop your floor with whichever cleaner you chose. Once your floors are clean and dry, it’s time to get the PRS concrete tools you rented ready.

How are grey concrete stained floors stained?

First, examine your concrete. Before you stain, ensure that any fractures are mended and that any grease stains have been erased. It’s not a bad idea to rent one of our concrete grinders. A grinder can remove stubborn stains by smoothing out any rough areas. With a variety of concrete prep packs available in our stock, selecting an appropriate grinder and other supplies has never been easier. If you get stumped while utilizing the grinder, just give us a call!

Power Rental and Sales would be happy to help you with your grey concrete stained floors!

Grey concrete stained floors are gaining in popularity for both residential and commercial spaces. If you’re considering adding this beautiful finish to your flooring, we can help. Our staff at PRS has years of experience prepping and staining grey concrete stained floors and would be happy to share our expertise with you. Get in touch with us today to get started!