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Whether you are a home-owner or a contractor, our decorative concrete locations have everything you need from acid stain, concrete sealers and overlays to concrete trowels, saws and grinders. We serve the Huntsville, AL, Chattanooga and Nashville TN areas.


Z Countertop Forms with Lasting Value Chattanooga, Nashville, Huntsville

Z Countertop FormsThanks to a new, patented concrete countertop system called Z countertop forms, anyone - yes, even you - can install unique cast-in-place concrete countertops with a variety of decorative edges, in just one day. This is a brand new product you likely haven't used previously, that produces results far exceeding anything you've ever seen before, and in just three easy steps. Z-Counterform offers one-of-a-kind concrete countertop forms you won't find anywhere else. With substantial savings in professional labor to form, fill, and polish the countertop edges and only minimal carpentry skills required, you might find yourself thinking about how to clear this afternoon's schedule and get a little creative with Z-Counterform! The incredible Z Countertop product line includes:
  • Z Countertop forms Epoxy Resin
  • Z Countertop forms Pigments & Metallic Powders
  • Z Countertop forms Epoxy Tools & Accessories
  • Countertop forms
  • Z Liqui-Crete Systems
  • Cement Products
  • Stains and Integral Colors
  • Sealers and Polish
  • Countertop Epoxy System
  • Trowels and Finishing Tools
  • Abrasives
  • Power Tools & Accessories
  • Form Liners
  • Texture Mats
  • Epoxy Application Tools
  • And more!


  • What are the benefits of concrete countertops? In addition to their stylistic charms, concrete countertops offer durability, scratch and chip resistance, heat resistance, customizability, unlimited color options, and a relatively low maintenance option.
  • How long will concrete countertops last? Concrete is a rock-solid material, and extremely durable, which means concrete countertops will last you a lifetime, if properly sealed and maintained.
  • What is the average cost of installing concrete countertops? The cost of installing concrete countertops ranges from $65 to $135 per square foot, while installation rates vary between $30 and $90 per hour.
  • Do concrete countertops scratch easily? Though concrete isn’t scratch-proof per se, it does offer pretty great scratch resistance, particularly when stacked next to other materials such as laminate.
  • How thick should concrete countertops be? The standard concrete countertop slab thickness is 1.5 to 2 inches, which is similar to countertops made of marble or granite. That said, contractors can create the illusion of a thicker countertop when desired by casting a drop-front edge.
  • Can you put hot pans on concrete countertops? Although concrete countertops do offer heat resistance, it’s still not a great idea to place hot pans directly on them. The heat can potentially damage or discolor the sealer.
  • How can I change the color of my concrete countertop? You can evenly apply a coat of new concrete stain to your countertops using a paintbrush, applying additional coats until the desired shade of color is achieved. Refer to the stain product’s packaging for application instructions.
  • Are concrete countertops hard to clean? Concrete countertops beautifully marry functionality and style, and they are inherently durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean.
  • Will concrete countertops crack? Not always, but concrete countertops can develop hairline cracks. The cracks tend to be non-structural and result from the natural shrinkage of the concrete. However, some countertop cracks can be prevented through proper sealing and maintenance.
  • How do I keep my concrete countertops from cracking? The best way to reduce the likelihood of cracks is to properly reinforce the countertop itself before the concrete is poured. Reinforcing the concrete with rebar, welded wire, or something similar is highly recommended to preserve the integrity of the concrete over time.
  • What type of concrete is used for concrete countertops? QUIKRETE® Countertop Mix is a specially formulated flowable high-strength concrete mix used for precast and cast-in-place concrete countertop applications.
  • Where can you find decorative concrete products in Chattanooga? Power Rental & Sales offers decorative concrete products, tools, and equipment at their three store locations in Chattanooga, Nashville, and Huntsville.


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