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Whether you are a home-owner or a contractor, our decorative concrete locations have everything you need from acid stain, concrete sealers and overlays to concrete trowels, saws and grinders. We serve the Huntsville, AL, Chattanooga and Nashville TN areas.

Scofield® is changing the way the world does concrete with their line of incredible concrete coloring and texturizing products.Scofield Concrete Colors: Industry-Leading Concrete Color Solutions Chattanooga, Nashville, Huntsville

At Power Rental & Sales, we're proud to offer Scofield Granular Integral Color for Concrete. Our Scofield concrete colors machine boasts the ability to make granular colors for almost any manufacturer's colors out there. Let us be your one-stop shop for concrete color. Scofield is a brand that’s taking the world by storm. Their lineup consists of a complete menu of quality architectural concrete coloring, texturing, refurbishment, and performance products. These products can totally transform ordinary concrete into beautiful works of art. Furthermore, their offerings allow architects, contractors, and homeowners alike to achieve their performance and design goals. Scofield has made a mark on the concrete industry, known as the most distinctive brand of architectural concrete color across the globe.

Scofield Concrete Colors, Stains, and Dyes

Concrete stains are used to color the surfaces of cured and colored or uncolored concrete structures. Generally, they get applied by spraying them onto prepared surfaces or other times with a brush. Acid stains get used to create ultra-unique, and variegated appearances, with color being permanent. Also, no two acid-stained floors will look alike. Each has its very own custom outcome–which is quite the draw in some cases. Water-based stains are also available. They are high-performance, low-odor stains with more color selections available than acid stains. Choose from vibrant reds, purples, blues, and yellows for a beautiful outcome. Note that water-based stains render floors more quickly ready again for use. Acid stains require more downtime.

Integral Concrete Color

Additionally, Scofield integral concrete colors get added to the concrete mix at the batch plant, or in the cases of smaller projects, right at the job site. When poured out of the truck or mixer into the formwork, the concrete is colored all the way through. In brief, this method is generally the most cost-effective way to use colored concrete. Integral color gets used alone or in addition to other coloring. It also gets used for finishing methods to create a vast variety of aesthetics.

Patterned & Textured Concrete

Lastly, Concrete surfaces can be transformed, stamped, and textured with pattern overlays to create intricate and sophisticated looks. Concrete gets manipulated with texturing tools to look like other building materials like stone, wood, brick, or slate. This stamped concrete is both easier to install than these other materials and far less costly. The result is a natural-looking, low-maintenance surface. Additionally, the structural integrity of concrete and the wear resistance that comes along with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you protect interior or exterior bare or colored concrete? Scofield SelectSeal Plus is an excellent sealer to use over Lithochrome Tintura Stain, Lithochrome Chemstain Classic, Lithochrome Color Hardener, Scofield Texturetop, Scofield Revive Exterior Concrete Stain, or Scofield Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate.
  • Is the Scofield Liquid Release BG scented?  Absolutely, the release and bond breaker used in the concrete stamping process is scented bubble gum.
  • What product can help renew concrete color intensity? Scofield Revive Exterior Concrete Stain is a semi-opaque, pigmented, ready-to-use product. It is a solvent-based penetrating polysiloxane stain. It is designed to add a new color to uncolored concrete or aged, weathered, or patched, concrete surfaces.
  • Can Scofield Integral Color SG be mixed with other colors? Yes, it permanently colors concrete and other cementitious materials and can be used to make standard colors or mixed to develop hundreds of permanent color variations.
  • What do you recommend for areas of high-volume pedestrian or vehicular traffic? Lithochrome Color Hardener is an abrasion-resistant dry-shake color hardener ideal for this use.
  • Will Scofield Liquid Release BG damage colored concrete? It will not. It's suitable for use with most color hardeners.
  • Can Scofield solvent-based sealers and coatings be colored? Scofield Revive Colored Sealer is a solvent-based concentrated pigment dispersion perfect for this purpose!
  • Is Scofield Integral Color SG alkali-resistant? It is weather-resistant, UV-stable, lightfast, and alkali-resistant.
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