Manufacturers of Industrial & Decorative Concrete Materials Chattanooga, Nashville, Huntsville

concrete coating suppliesSurface Koatings, Inc. is an independently owned and operated professional concrete coatings manufacturing company that was formed in 2000. With 100 plus years of combined specialty coating manufacturing and formulating experience, our current product categories include but are not limited to; epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, solvent-based acrylic concrete sealers, waterborne acrylic concrete sealers, water repellents, concrete acid stains, water-based concrete stains, interior concrete dyes, exterior UV resistant concrete dyes, SP Systems sprayers, application tools and equipment, VOC compliant concrete sealers and coatings, coatings strippers, cleaners, etching solutions, chemical scents, industrial floor wax & polishes, concentrated color packs, liquid release agents, surface retarders, and form retarders. Popular Surfkoat products include:
  • Surfkoat Repel Cure
  • Surfkoat 2500 LV-UV Cure & Seal
  • Surfkoat Cure & Seal 309 UV
  • Surfkoat Cure & Seal 30
  • Surfkoat Aqua Cure Cure & Seal
  • Surfkoat PolyKoat GL 90 Low Odor LVLP
  • Surfkoat PolyKoat GL 80
  • Surfkoat PolyKoat GL 80 Slow Cure
  • Surfkoat 250 HP Cyclo Epoxy
  • And more!